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The Future Generation #89

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The Future Generation #88

    I read an essay called “Linking Movements, Linking Lives” by Cherry Galette and was amazed by her ability to link issues together as well as by her critique of systemic oppression. In “Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind,” the workshops on supporting women and children that Vikki Law and I have been giving this summer, one thing I keep saying is that supporting a woman’s right to have a child is as important as supporting a woman’s right to have an abortion; if one is truly pro-choice, there has to be a choice.

The Future Generation #87

Don't Leave your Friends Behind
    Vikki Law and I gave a workshop at this years La Revolta! In Boston, called “Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind: anarcha-feminism & supporting mothers and children.” We were focusing on woman and children since it was International Woman’s Day but the issues could be applied to parenting regardless of gender and males attended the conference on anarcho-feminist issues as well.

The Future Generation #84

Rad 17
    Sometime last year my daughter became more radical. I wanted to document it but I didn’t and now it kind of just crept up to this moment, where I can say my 17-year-old is really rad.

The Future Generation #83

Sometimes you just have to say “Fuck Em”
    My pen pal told me the other day about how she is sometimes used to living in her own “mutual-aid bubble” and forgets that not everyone operates in that same spirit.
    I thought about her, because when I was talking last night I saw things about myself I hadn’t noticed before because they were so normal to me. I saw I have a different definition of power than many folks and that is the one I have been trying to teach my daughter.

The Future Generation #82

The Sea of Life
    Today my 16 year old daughter dropped out of High School. “Drop out: that sounds so negative - it should be called ending a chapter of schooling and diving headfirst into the sea of life,” said my daughter as we walked into her high school together to sign the papers, “but that is too long a description to tell them”. I laughed and agreed, not wanting to go into the office and tell them she is “dropping out” but perhaps homeschooling? Going on to other things?

The Future Generation #81

Getting Out: isolated struggle and the open road

The Future Generation #76

    I was going to write Chris an email and tell her I couldn’t make it this time. I didn’t feel bad about that, as I have been making deadline for my column for a while now. So, it’s OK to take off once in a blue moon.

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