The Future Generation

The Future Generation #74


    I want to do a fatherhood issue of my zine - its about time. I mean, I am so woman-centric being a woman and all. Do men write about fatherhood as much as woman write about motherhood? All you got to do is check out the hip parenting sites to see that apparently not. Does mothering cover most of the basics of parenting and all fathers need to do is learn good mothering skills?

The Future Generation #73

My thoughts on lucky bums, kicking ass, and raising teens.

    I recently got to see a bunch of films made by the Oregon Department of Kick Ass on their Lucky Bum Film tour. Well, it is these two film-makers traveling across America on a dyi tour to show their wares. I am very partial to tours like that. It is kinda like the circus is in town. Maybe when the next zine tour comes to town I will run away with them. Anyway… It was great!

The Future Generation #71

Some thoughts on anti-authoritarian adulthood

The Future Generation #70

Freedom, Responsibility, and Growing up

    I am excited to be interviewing an old friend of mine whom I haven’t seen for a while, about her experiences of working in a co-operatively owned café for the last 6 years. Some of the questions I have asked her are questions I really can ask myself – having been a mother for almost 14 years now. We are both deep in creative endeavors that began with a similar and distinct set of pre-thought ideals.

The Future Generation #68

I’m Moving to Baltimore
    I once lived in Baltimore and then I left to move to Minneapolis. I left Minneapolis, after a year and a half, to move in with my grandmother in the suburbs of Baltimore. Now I am moving from the suburbs to the city. Got that? I wanted to get this straight, first off – cuz this is the tale of two cities. Baltimore, now and then.

The Future Generation #62

Punk Parent Topic # 5 - "Discipline"

    Hello Ya'll. I’d just like to share a few thoughts with you on the subject of discipline. This subject is a big one. Its hooked up with notions of authority and some of our most deep seated beliefs after all - maybe even going back to original sin.

The Future Generation #59

Happy Birthday!

    This third month (March) of the year 1999 on the 3rd, my daughter will be 11 years old ... and on the 31st, I will be 33! Three is my lucky number - so the numerology of this is interesting to me. My birthday is going to fall on a blue moon (which is a 2nd full moon in the same month).The first full moon fell on the day before my daughters birthday.

The Future Generation #57

Punk Parent Issue #3    

    When I had my child, back in 1988, I took to reading about childraising practices in various indigenous tribes around the world, (American Indians, Eskimos, Pygmies, Gypsies, etc.) - because we as punks were created in rebellion - not with any cultural childraising principles passed down to us.

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