A Network of Friends

A Network of Friends #89

    By the end of October, MEANS TO AN END...Festival 2006 will have been and gone for another year. This will have been the second year such a Festival will have taken place at the mighty 1in12 Club in Bradford, UK. In a way, it’s been mostly an event that I will have organized myself but also with a help from various friends and mates dipping in here and there prior to the event. And I am sure many more friendly faces during the three days that the Festival will be happening too! To say I’m nervous this time around is an understatement.

A Network of Friends #84

    Life can at times seem to be plodding along and then change and alter so fast that when you manage to step back and see how the past few months have developed it is hard to imagine. So it has been for me since Winter began to disappear and Spring began to venture onto the horizon.

A Network of Friends #82

    This column kind of sprung up after reading the “Punx vs. Sexism Primer" that appeared in PROFANE EXISTENCE No.43 last year. Reading that article and also listening to and reading the lyrics of the GARMONBOZIA LP left me with a lot of thoughts reeling around the inside of my head, some of which I hope I have managed to translate onto paper here. The article and the bands lyrics left me feeling angry and frustrated. This is not to say that the article or the bands LP were, or are, in any way negative. In fact quite the opposite.

A Network of Friends #79

    When I first began reading SLUG AND LETTUCE, one of the things that attracted me to the zine was Christine's 'Environmental Action' column. Here, she gave info out about environmental problems and actions that you could take in your own daily life.

A Network of Friends #77

Making the life that you want it to be.

A Network of Friends #72

Whoah! I can’t believe how long it has been since I last wrote a column for Chris but a lot has happened in-between time with me primarily moving from my hometown of Colchester in the east of England to the northern city of Leeds. From going to London for gigs every now and again to at times, gigs happening 2-3 times a week in Leeds. Anyway, this year in June marked the Queen’s Jubilee in the UK.

A Network of Friends #63

    It seems strange now that I have been writing, albeit somewhat randomly at times, for Christine's zine for 2-3 years. In that time however, I have never had a letter from the columns I have submitted to ask, question, agree, disagree about the words that I have written or the suggestions put forth to the ideas expressed. I cannot, and do not, expect communication from the words and ideas that I write as my ideas are not by any means words to live by.

A Network of Friends #61

    One of the books I have been reading recently has been called 'How are we to live? Ethics in age of self-interest'. It's a book written by Peter Singer, he of 'Animal Liberation' fame, a book that sparked a whole new awareness of the plights of animals under humankind and limited the Animal Liberation movement not only in the UK, but in many other parts of the world.

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