Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle #63

There have been a lot of goings-on in the world of agriculture since my last column and since I'm going to try to keep these columns a little more brief and to the point from now on I'm going to get right to it.

Carbon Cycle #62

     Agriculture. It's easy to see how people can't relate to the subject or find it easy to ignore agricultural issues. Very few people in our country are farmers anymore. The Census Department stopped keeping track of their numbers in 1993 considering their numbers to be "statistically insignificant". Very few people know farmers or have even set foot on a farm. There is such a distance between us and our food. We're removed, removed from our food and how it got to our table. We're removed from the land, we don't know about it so we don't care about it.

Carbon Cycle #60

    Our grip, the control we have over something as basic to our daily survival as our food, is being loosened, pried loose by multinational biotech and agribusiness companies who are on the verge of achieving a stranglehold over our world’s food supply.  Our control over our own food, and our own lives is lost more and more everyday. Lost to faceless bodies in far away buildings.  This column is dedicated to reversing that trend, to ending it.  This column is dedicated to our world, our food and ourselves.

Carbon Cycle #59

    On March 3rd 1998, a US patent was granted to an American cotton seed company, the Delta and Pine Land Company, in conjunction with the US Department of Agriculture for a technique that genetically disables a seed’s capacity to produce seeds which will germinate when planted.  This means that any plant grown from a seed with this genetic manipulation will produce only sterile seeds, seeds that will not grow if planted.  At present, only cotton and tobacco seeds have shows to respond to this technique, but the company plans to have the technology ready for

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