Dave Trenga

Dave Trenga #89

    Congress has been engaging in a little house cleaning as of late; more specifically Republican House members have been cleaning out the closet. When one of their representatives from Florida, Rep. Mark Foley announced he was resigning over some “overly friendly” emails to an underage male House page (servants or assistants) we were just seeing the beginning. Foley quickly exited the public light before anyone fully realized the severity of the scandal.

Dave Trenga #87

    As the November mid-term elections are rapidly approaching, we can see that the hot-button issue this year is going to be immigration. Over the past month I’ve been seeing the immigration issue shaping up to be the rallying cry for the far-right to mobilize their base and get their people out to the polls. With the inept leadership that the Republican party has wrought on this country over the last five years taking its toll, they are now terrified that they may lose that leadership role in November.

Dave Trenga #85

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the news these days. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I bother because I get myself so worked up on a daily basis. The more I follow the news the more stressed out I get. One of my main sources of stressful reading is the Christian onslaught into every facet of life in our society. I have never seen such a hateful and intolerant movement infiltrate every aspect of our lives as the current Christian movement in America has.

Dave Trenga #83

    I keep looking for this supposed liberal media that I always hear about from the unobjective, right wing, corporate owned, censored, nationalistic, pro-bush, staged, mainstream media, to no avail. I can’t find it. Can anyone help me out here? Does it really exist? Well not in the mainstream it doesn’t, that’s for sure.

Dave Trenga #82

    "Torture and abuse will not be tolerated by this administration, I will ensure the Department of Justice aggressively pursues those responsible for such abhorrent actions." said the incoming Attorney general, Alberto R. Gonzales, during his confirmation hearings. Gonzales was addressing the tortures of detainees at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib and the policies in general that have led to the widespread abuse in Iraq, Afghanistan and Cuba.

Dave Trenga #80

    Do we really have an opportunity to change this country come November or is this upcoming election merely a show for the masses? This is something that seems to be dominating a lot of my conversations with friends lately. The upcoming election is something that I’ve been debating with myself since the last fraudulent election installed Bush in power. I used to vote when I was younger but became tired, as many people have, with a lack of options in the two party system and with voting for a “lesser of two evils”.

Dave Trenga #79

    So all of you people who use the bible to conveniently use the bible and religious teachings to conceal the fact that you’re nothing more than an ignorant bigot may soon have even more justification for your misguided point of view. Thanks to the Bush administration’s proposed amendment to the constitution that would define marriage as a sacred institution between a man and a woman. This proposal was suggested in a desperate attempt to shift the national focus from George W’s deserting the Texas Air National Guard that had been saturating the media.

Dave Trenga #78

    So now we’re all safer. That’s what we’re being told, we’re all safer since Saddam Hussein has been captured. No longer will Saddam Hussein be able to threaten Americans and the rest of the world. No longer will he be able to develop weapons of mass destruction. No longer will he be able to sponsor terrorist networks like Al-Quida. Well of course this sounds great on the surface but haven’t we learned anything this past year?

Dave Trenga #76

    “Bring it on,” says our fearless leader, George W. Bush. “Bring it on,” he tells the Iraqi resistance that’s been targeting American soldiers. Aren’t we lucky to have such a brave and heroic leader? Never mind that he’s on the other side of the world, safe from harms way. Never mind that he doesn’t have to live with the ramifications of his macho boasting. Never mind that this fearless warrior not only hid in the Texas air National Guard to avoid being sent to Vietnam himself but then went A.W.O.L. for two years.

Dave Trenga #75

    What happens when a nation ignores the U.N.? What happens when a nation refuses to honor international treaties? What happens when a nation stockpiles weapons of mass destruction? That depends on what nation it is. If it’s the United States of America then the nation starts an illegal, immoral and unjust war against a sovereign nation that just happens to have the second largest oil supply in the world. The Bush regime is guilty of everything that they accuse Saddam Hussein’s regime of.

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