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Guest Columnist #81: A History of the Amebix "face"

The power still remains: Amebix and their use of the art of Austin Osman Spare
by Bood Samel (

Guest Columnist #81 - Arto

    Originally this writing was an e-mail which I wrote to Christine and she wanted it to be a column so I polished it up; deleted the parts that were either directed to Chris, or that didn't go w/ the "column" idea, and added some new parts.

Guest Columnist #79 - Jim

    I grew up in a very, very right wing family.  I mean, they just had all their bases covered: racist, sexist, homophobic, they were even anti-semitic!  "Geez, mom, didn't anti-semitism go out of style even for bigots?"  The were also Christians.  Being raised in such a home gave me a lifetime of work to do deprogramming myself.  But I never, even when I was little, believed in the god stuff.  It just seemed too ridiculous for words--- my Christmas presents gave me at least some conflicting rational evidence of a deity named Santa Cla

Guest Columnist #79 - Cascadia

By xtreasonx

    People fall in love every day.  It’s a common enough occurrence that most people reading this have felt it at some point, and most of us, too, have had our hearts broken.  Last year, I spent a few months playing in a band.  I loved the band but I was in love with a person.  The band ended, the person stayed, and we went on to fall in love again, this time with a place.

Guest Columnists #78 - A Male Survivor's Story of Sexual Assault

A Male Survivor's Story of Sexual Assault
Note:  The following article has could be triggering for some people.

Guest Columnist #77 - An Open Letter...

by d, with help from friends
    Some men say they want an end to the rape of the earth*, but what about an end to the rape of wimmin? Why is male violence/male supremacy continued to be called a "women's issue" that must be boxed up and away until after civilization collapses?

Guest Columnist #75 - The Connection by Anka

The Connection
By Anka Skakanka

“Protecting other womyn is self-defense and self-defense is protecting other womyn”

—Laura from Fight Like A Girl

Guest Columnist #73 - Fernando

Do You Really Support Punk/Hardcore?
    This is my second contribution to S&L.  I’m writing from Mexico and I want to share with all of you something that I think is important.  We have a label-distribution and record-book-info store. It is very hard to do this kind of work in Mexico, but with the support of nice people around the world, and a never ending struggle, everything is doing well.

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