Guest Columnists

Guest Columnist #66 - An Interview w/ Leslie & Lisa from Heartattack

Vique Simba interviewed 2 wonderful women
Leslie and Lisa speak for themselves

Guest Columnist #65 - End Corporate Dominance

by Karen Coulter

Guest Columnist #64 - Subvert the Military

     A while ago I got the chance to go to this workshop in Chicago called BASIC TRAINING FOR PEACE. It was a weekend workshop that was tied to the CCCO (Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors). The people that happened to put on this workshop were from Philadelphia. Despite the fact that not as many people showed up as was expected / hoped, it was a totally great time and very worthwhile.

Guest Columnist #63 - Urban Punk

It’s an unacknowledged problem in punk rock today; the zines don't write about it, the bands don't sing about it, and the email lists don't mention it.  But there it is, preventing punk from making a serious contribution toward the struggle for ecology and anarchism in this country: the urban punk.  As long as the urban punk exists, punk will forever be stuck in a countercultural ghetto that screams about the ghetto and then refuses to leave because the squat is real close to the liquor store.  What all cool punks must do, then, is abolish the urban punk.

Guest Columnist #63 - Fernando

    Last September, Esnaider & Jane from N.Y. came to visit us in Mexico.  They were on vacation and they invited us to travel with them to some cities.  It’s too expensive to travel in Mexico, and since they offered to pay our bus tickets Venus, Sunev & me decided to go with them.  They decided to visit Guanajuato, Oaxaca and Mexico City, it was a great chance 'cause we never visited these cities, just Mexico city, so I could met in Oaxaca the guys who organized the gig to Former members of Alfonsin.

Guest Columnist #63 - Don't Get Snared


     This was inspired by Mike Antipathy and the anonymous contributor in Slug & Lettuce #61. Though Bert and I mostly agree with them, a few things bothered us.

Guest Columnist #62 - Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion
     "Back to the beginning, back to the womb, if the people refuse then the people are doomed" —Initial State

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