Lost in the Supermarket with Greg Wells

Lost In The Supermarket #85

    We were told by Tim and Cristina that the train we wanted out of Fulton would be a junk train that would come in from the Acca Yard, turn around in Fulton, reconnect heading westbound and “pop-a-wheelie” before heading west along the James. Overzealous and ambitious to get going, Ben and I spied a slow moving coal train headed west as soon as we got out of Y’s car, fifty feet this side of the Henrico County line. We climbed some decaying old stairs towards the tracks beside a yard building of unknown origin.

Lost In The Supermarket #83

little forgotten history this column:
The Richmond Bread Riot of 1863

Lost In The Supermarket #82

    My friend Chris is an alarmingly motivated guy on a nearly unimaginable level. He does things like hitchhiking band tours and conceptualizing forty people traveling cross-country in a school bus on an insane D.I.Y. music/political/cultural festival. His ambitions are boundless and he actually accomplishes most everything he sets his mind to.

Lost In The Supermarket #79

 “There Goes the Neighborhood”                                   

Lost In The Supermarket #78

Interview with Emily Harry of the Richmond Coalition for a Living Wage -Jan, 2004

Lost In The Supermarket #77

    One of the largest pitfalls facing the international anarchist community is our tendency to get so emersed in that which we aim to dismantle that we often overlook the beauty and power associated with the world that we are shaping in the here and now. I myself have been extremely guilty in the negative energy department over the past few years.

Lost In The Supermarket with Greg Wells #76

    In the early months of 1999, six of us in our early to middle twenties began talking and planning for going in together on the formation of an anarchist inspired collective household. For those of you in the East Bay or West Philadelphia you may be saying yeah so what’s the big deal about that? We’ve got twenty such places, some decades old. Well, things don’t move fast for anything here and what we were aiming to do was to lay the seeds for the first such modern household of this variety in Richmond.

Lost In The Supermarket #75

Dead Grandmothers and clusterbombs.
Tuesday 2pm: I just got in and the message box was full of those ominous you need to call us as soon as you get this voices. You know the ones. The kind where the people on the other end are saying stuff like "You've probably been expecting this for awhile" and "It's nothing too surprising but" and never actually getting around to what horrible news awaits. It's my 77 year old grandmother dying a quick death 600 miles away. Time to go.

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