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Mad Farmer Sascha #87

We Are Our Own Safety Nets, We Weave Together

Mad Farmer Sascha #85

Hey y’all – I’m living on this farm in the Hudson Valley with a bunch of amazing kids but we have this outlandish amount of work to do to get ready for winter so I don’t really have any time to write a column but instead here’s a piece off the Icarus Project website which might be really helpful to you or someone you love. It was a whole crew of us that wrote it over the last year but most of the credit should go to Will Hall and Ashley Mcnamara.

Mad Farmer Sascha #84

(written by Sascha Scatter and Ashley McNamara with help from the Icarus Project crew. This is the introduction to our new manual for build community based mental health support networks. For more info check out our website at or write me personally at:

Mad Farmer Sascha #80

 Adventures in the Land of Greasecars and Fireflies

Mad Farmer Sascha #79

Volatile adj.  having a high vapor pressure and a low boiling point;
(of circumstances) liable to sudden, unpredictable, or explosive change
[ETYMOLOGY: from Latin volatilis flying, from volare to fly]

   “To lose the scar of knowledge is to renew the wound.”  - Wendell Berry

   “The rings around Saturn are its own shattered moon.” - Jane LeCroy

Mad Farmer Sascha #77

Blinking Red Lights and the Souls of Our Friends

Mad Farmer Sascha #76

Underneath the Wild Garden Waits to Grow
Willy says
here’s a story that you may not comprehend,
but the parking lots will crack and bloom again.
There’s a world beneath the pavement that will never end.
Seeds are lying dormant and will never end.
Willy says
 if you listen you can hear the sound of birds,
hear their song above the chaos, hear their words.
Listen to their love songs, it will never end.
If you listen you can hear.

Mad Farmer Sascha #75

A Handful of Seeds in a World Full of War

The Seedkeepers 

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