Mad Farmer Sascha

Mad Farmer Sascha #74

Pirate Dreams and Dark Blue Stories

Mad Farmer Sascha #73


“When you’re looking at pain-- you’re looking at truth
Nothing like pain to make us all the same…”
The Gits

Excerpt from an email I wrote to this 18 year old just out of the psych ward, diagnosed bipolar like me, who wrote after reading a piece I had in the San Francisco Bay Guardian last week (You can check out the piece if you have web access at:

Mad Farmer Sascha #71 - Madness and Manic Depression

Madness and Manic Depression - Carving out a Life

“My mind is like a switchboard - with crossed and tangled lines.
I don’t know what’s going on - it’s the operators job not mine.”
                -Poly Styrene   X-Ray Spex  1977

Mad Farmer Sascha #70 - Her Wings Flew Too Close To The Sun


    This is so fucked up. I've been shaking and crying -- slipping between waves of numb shock and deep sadness. I can't believe Sera jumped off a fucking bridge. I can't believe she left all of us so soon.

Mad Farmer Sascha #67


Sometimes I wake from my dreams with the fragments dancing around my head like a loonytoon halo, my mind dangling somewhere on the tightrope border between awake and asleep - just enough time to grasp a few sliver images and scribble them into sentences like code and know I can return later to find the beginning seeds of a story or some jumbled surreal parable about the inner workings of my life.

Mad Farmer Sascha #66 - The Trick

I’m trying to sing you a song but I don’t know the words -- I’m fumbling and humming my way through it and hoping you’ll understand

the trick

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