MerryDeath #76

    There are a lot of issues related to reproductive rights that sometimes I don’t know where to start when writing about it.  I don’t like trying to write about just one perspective.  But then again I don’t have enough experience to write a book.  So for the purposes of this article, I’ll try to just throw out some ideas that I hope interested folks will find more specific information about.  I have been seeing more and more zines about women’s issues, from fertility awareness to herbal abortion, and they all have the heart

MerryDeath #75

    Last night I heard a crackling sound coming from out my front window. I stepped onto the front porch and looked outside to see the empty field across from my house was on fire, a small perfect circle of flames.  Several police cars were parked on the street and while neighbors were questioned, I heard a couple of the officers naming all the high school aged boys living on our block as suspects.  I went back inside, for just about fifteen minutes, and came back out when I heard the fire truck.

MerryDeath #74

    Before I left New Orleans nine months ago, I had been playing drums with my partner Icky (who played tuba) and my friend Stella (on guitar) in a punk band called the Foreheads.  It was our first real band, and we were all nervous and trying to figure out how to be on stage without feeling like pissing every ten seconds.

MerryDeath #73

 “I’m at the bookstore… you’re at the bookstore too…”

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