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Some Thoughts #80

    I wish I didn’t have to wait until the last minute to write my columns, but it’s how it always is.  It’s been a frantic warm season thus far this year, with lots of travel and show going and the photos are here to show it.  On one hand I think the punk scene is more exciting and happening than ever before, with all these fests and so many international touring bands this summer, it’s been a great season.  But this issue of S&L has been one of the hardest to pull together.  There is a certain amount of that challenge that com

Some Thoughts #79

    This issue marks the 18 year anniversary of Slug & Lettuce.  I find it hard to believe sometimes cause that sounds like such a long time.

Some Thoughts #78

    I think everyone is half asleep right now, myself included.  I’m not talking about  sheep following blindly, as in not fully sensitized or paying attention kind of sleep.  Actually I think there is so much bizarre stuff happening in the world that people are quite awake and angry.  I’m talking more like moving slow, being lazy, not quite getting it all together, and watching time slip by right through your fingers and almost not even noticing or caring, just kinda thinking that things will eventually get on track.  I guess that is what

Some Thoughts #77

    This time of year, as the days get shorter and darker, always brings with it an instinct to start to withdraw and pull inward.  While I love this time of year cause the temperature brings some relief from the summer heat - I have also come to associate it with the seasonal depression which hits me hard.  Unfortunately this makes it hard to appreciate the changing color of the leaves and all the other fun things that go with autumn.  If you’ve been reading this zine for any amount of time, then you know that I flow with the seasons and talk about it co

Some Thoughts #76

    This all go, no sleep routine is starting to take it’s toll.  You can only push yourself for so long before you start to crash.  But that isn’t stopping me yet.  This issue has been put together in a frenzy of faster and stricter deadlines that usual.  The goal behind that being to get this issue done, and back from print, before heading to the west coast for a 2 week jaunt between Portland and San Francisco.  Pulling together an issue, is always a grueling task.  Dragging columns, reviews, and ads out of people.  Being a tor

Some Thoughts #75

Drive and Conquer - How Punk Rock Saved My Life

Some Thoughts #74

    I hit a real slump this past fall, which I can fortunately say that I have now come back out of.  Even though it’s the middle of winter and colder than I can remember in years, my spirits are pretty high.  I’m still waiting for the big snow storm that I just know is coming.  But in the meantime the ground here in Richmond is actually frozen and that rarely happens.  I’m hoping it will be enough winter to kill the ants so that I can have a new start to the garden this spring.  But enough of that.

Some Thoughts #73

    As the heat lifted and the summer came to an end, everything started to feel a little bit better.  A lot of us were able to breath a sigh of relief.  And once again I was able to enjoy being outside and find that extra kick of energy that comes in the fall.  Unfortunately the one thing that brings me a lot of my satisfaction and inspiration is seeing bands play, and sadly there have been few shows this fall.  Over the summer, things were great.  We had a great space for shows and for the first time in awhile, things felt quite right around here.&n

Some Thoughts #72

    Summer is always a low energy time for me.  I don’t take to the heat well, and while I love the outward energy of summer — the socializing, mingling and general out and about on the streets time of year and the inherent good times that usually follow - it’s still nothing like the transitional seasons, for me.

Some Thoughts #71

    Welcome to the spring issue, which is also the 16th year anniversary issue, which isn’t that exciting of an anniversary, but worth mentioning all the same.  The months and years seem to be flying by at an uncontrollable pace so that perception of time seems to have no bearings or relevance in many respects.  Since the roller coaster is obviously not about to slow down, I’m just going to hold on for the ride.  The response to the last issue was really amazing!  There has been a lot of positive feedback as well as an intense outpouring of emo

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