Some Thoughts

Some Thoughts #69

    Fall has been a real time of transition thus far.  I was anxiously awaiting my 30th birthday in September.

Some Thoughts #70

    I’ve watched the punk scene go in cycles over the years.  Things go from up to down on a pattern, sometimes regular and sometimes unpredictable.  Just when things seem to have fallen apart and seem so terribly depressing - the cycle rejuvenates.  That is what I am expecting to start to happen now.  At least here in Richmond, for a good 4 months I didn’t get to any shows.  For the most part from September to January - there was very little happening.  This was largely in part to there being no venue for shows.

Some Thoughts #68

    Once again I’ve been contemplating my sanity.  Although this time around it seems to have been worse than in the past.  I have had a tendency to take on more and more things - to try and do more and more, without ever letting anything go.  Needless to say this pattern eventually brings itself to a breaking point.  I got to my limit, but I couldn’t tell if I was about to lose my mind, because my reactions were not following the normal pattern of over-achiever stress.  This time around I found myself suffering intense social anxiety and

Some Thoughts #67

    Hard to believe that last issue I was all in a tiffy over not getting any snow, and now we’re full on into the throws of spring.  Everything is a blooming and a sprouting and coming to life again.  It’s my favorite time of year.  I am on top of the world, on top of my life, in love with everything and feeling great.

Some Thoughts #66

    I’m finding myself to be in this surprisingly good mood of late.  I’m not sure exactly why.

Some Thoughts #64

    Summer has come rolling in, on a rollercoaster that seems to have skipped right over spring.  Without the schedule of a school year, and the fact that this hot weather has been around on and off for months now - it doesn’t even feel like summer to me.  And yet - currently it’s hot muggy and sweltering in the depths of summer which will last for the coming months.  This is always the last part of Slug & Lettuce that I work on.  Usually by the time everything is done and either laid out or ready for layout -- I plod away with my thoughts

Some Thoughts #63

    I’ve been in this pissy funky mood for what seems like months now.  I just can’t quite seem to shake the winter moodiness blues.  Apparently I have a pattern of this funk and then coming around to a revelation in the spring time -- like coming out of a cloud and saying “gee, have I been completely not myself for the past 4 months”.  And what makes it even more confusing is that in a lot of ways spring has already started to arrive.  We’ve had these bouts of wonderful weather -- in fact just a week ago it was 80+ degrees fo

Some Thoughts #62

    I’ve always been pretty big on landmark special occasions.  It’s the sentimental side of me that records every detail away in my mind somewhere to be delved back up one day all sentimentalized.  Consequently New Year’s eve has always been a fairly exciting time -- besides the cause for celebration and a good party -- it’s a time to reflect and I used to really get into that -- looking back on the year and all that had happened; how I had grown and changed.  As I get older, I have lost a bit of that clinging instinct -- I think in par

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