Vegan Action

Vegan Action #74

    So, for some reason animal activism appears to be on the downswing these days or rather these years.  I have really noticed the difference here in Richmond.  About five years ago animal activism was a priority and a strong entity in this town.  Many of the activists from that time that still remain in this city are doing nothing related to animal rights or welfare and in addition are not even vegetarian or vegan anymore.  Naturally, I cannot help but want to understand this.  I realize that folks that are aware of factory farming and have been act

Vegan Action #73

    Someone asked me once, "What if you were on your way to a city council meeting to make the deciding vote to end factory farming in your city and you passed a dog that had just been hit by a car.  Do you stop for the dog or get to the meeting one time?"  I know about these never likely, hypothetical questions and often find them to be intriguing.  In fact, almost every time I'm leafleting, someone asks me the old, "If you were stranded on an island with a cow would you eat it?" question a lot.  It is a way for people to find out your

Vegan Action #72

Can Dogs and Cats be Vegetarians?

Vegan Action #71

    So Burger King has a veggie burger!  Before you jump to any 'obvious' conclusions, it has been a major controversial issue among animal activists lately.  It is quite a conundrum if you give it a little thought.  In the interest of decreasing suffering and death of farm animals it makes sense to encourage people to eat alternatives to meat.  But at any cost?  Does it make sense to encourage people to patronize a major fast food chain that promotes cultural addiction and dependence on convenience?

Vegan Action #69

Part 1- Don’t sweat the details. 

Vegan Action #70 - Freeganism

    Discussions about freeganism have come up a lot lately, so I thought I would write a little about it.  Freeganism is based on the idea of being vegan but consuming non-vegan foods and drinks at times.  The idea behind it is this- if I don't pay for it and don't support the industries that oppress animals and the environment, it's okay.  On one hand, this makes a whole lot of sense with the idea that if you aren't a paying consumer, it's better for the animals and the environment, even if you are buying vegan.  Also, this is an option for folks that don

Vegan Action #68

    Three years ago I left Richmond, Virginia to surround myself in activism, new faces, and the amazing weather in Northern California.  I had been working on animal rights issues for many years and began volunteering for Vegan Action.  Regularly tabling at Gilman was incredible and I met some amazing people there.   I always looked forward to going but would find myself getting disenchanted from time to time, wondering if I was being effective or making any kind of difference in the vegan movement.  Sometimes I was convinced that either people were

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