S&L #60 Summer 1999

Carbon Cycle #60

    Our grip, the control we have over something as basic to our daily survival as our food, is being loosened, pried loose by multinational biotech and agribusiness companies who are on the verge of achieving a stranglehold over our world’s food supply.  Our control over our own food, and our own lives is lost more and more everyday. Lost to faceless bodies in far away buildings.  This column is dedicated to reversing that trend, to ending it.  This column is dedicated to our world, our food and ourselves.

EcoPunk #60

    I should be sound asleep right now. Fatigue is tugging on my eyelids, incoherent thoughts race through my mind and my whole body aches from the 14 miles of hiking through the mountains it was forced into earlier. The complaints of my body notwithstanding, I tossed and writhed and kicked and grunted for the better part of two hours before relegating all hope of sound slumber to the slight chance that throwing the infectious irritants in my hyperactive brain onto paper might grant me a few hours of rest.

Some Thoughts #60

    Lately I have felt like I’m on a treadmill that is being turned faster and faster.  I can’t shake this feeling that I can’t get my shit together; that I can’t catch up with myself.  It’s a case of taking on more and more -- pushing myself further and never letting go of anything.  It’s a problem that I have always had and this time around I attribute it to being in the same place for long enough to have taken on a lot.

Guest Columnist #60 - Corporate Reality

by Karen Coulter

    Look around you. Wherever you are, the signs of a dire future - or no future--are there. On the average city street people act like they are unaware of how toxic the air is--of its toxic odor, the grayness of the sky on a clear day, the solid murk of brown smog hanging over the city, the almost continual chain of illnesses and increasing respiratory, allergy, and immune system difficulties people experience.

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