S&L #62 Winter 2000

Carbon Cycle #62

     Agriculture. It's easy to see how people can't relate to the subject or find it easy to ignore agricultural issues. Very few people in our country are farmers anymore. The Census Department stopped keeping track of their numbers in 1993 considering their numbers to be "statistically insignificant". Very few people know farmers or have even set foot on a farm. There is such a distance between us and our food. We're removed, removed from our food and how it got to our table. We're removed from the land, we don't know about it so we don't care about it.

Some Thoughts #62

    I’ve always been pretty big on landmark special occasions.  It’s the sentimental side of me that records every detail away in my mind somewhere to be delved back up one day all sentimentalized.  Consequently New Year’s eve has always been a fairly exciting time -- besides the cause for celebration and a good party -- it’s a time to reflect and I used to really get into that -- looking back on the year and all that had happened; how I had grown and changed.  As I get older, I have lost a bit of that clinging instinct -- I think in par

Mad Farmer Sascha #62 - The Trick

I’m trying to sing you a song but I don’t know the words -- I’m fumbling and humming my way through it and hoping you’ll understand

the trick

The Future Generation #62

Punk Parent Topic # 5 - "Discipline"

    Hello Ya'll. I’d just like to share a few thoughts with you on the subject of discipline. This subject is a big one. Its hooked up with notions of authority and some of our most deep seated beliefs after all - maybe even going back to original sin.

EcoPunk #62 - WTO

    As I sit here in the smoky depths of my trailer in the snow choked Cascade Mountains, it is hard to believe that a mere five days ago, 50,000 of my friends and I took over downtown Seattle for a day stopping the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization from going down (and taking us, our freedoms and our Earth with it).

Guest Columnist #62 - Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion
     "Back to the beginning, back to the womb, if the people refuse then the people are doomed" —Initial State

Guest Columnist #62 - Amyl

    I am contributing this column to Slug & Lettuce anonymously. I have never felt the need to hide my identity before. In fact, I've always been pretty aggressive about placing my words and my emotions out there for people to see, feel, sympathize with, criticize, or ignore. There's a couple of reasons that I'm not going to put my name to this column. One of the reasons is because what I'm about to share with you doesn't just concern me. I am not the only person who got fucked up and damaged by what I'm going to tell you about.

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