S&L #65 Autumn 2000

EcoPunk #65 - Tierra

Reacquainting ourselves with the Land

Guest Columnist #65 - End Corporate Dominance

by Karen Coulter

Adrienne #65

    It must have been around ten years ago. I had gone to my parents house earlier in the evening for a dinner with the family. I rarely went out to visit because I couldn't stand being around my Father. But once every few months, I would feel the accumulated pressure of my family to have a dinner with all of us together. I'd have to get in my car and usually drag whoever my current boyfriend was along as a buffer between me and my immediate relatives. I never really got along with anyone in my family except for my Mother. I love my Mother with all my heart.

Ask the Bartender, Ask the Plants, Ask Karoline #65

    I hate going to the doctor’s office...consequently, I have spent the last few years trying to learn how to cure myself herbally when minor ailments arise.  Recently (for example) I found myself dealing with eyes full of pus and mucus.  YEEECH.  I was pretty concerned until I grabbed my copy of Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James and Phyllis Balch  and found that there was actually a section specifically for dealing with mucus in the eyes.  With much relief I embarked on the following treatment and those disgusting, never-ending str

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