S&L #66 Winter 2001

Some Thoughts #66

    I’m finding myself to be in this surprisingly good mood of late.  I’m not sure exactly why.

Mad Farmer Sascha #66 - The Trick

I’m trying to sing you a song but I don’t know the words -- I’m fumbling and humming my way through it and hoping you’ll understand

the trick

EcoPunk #66

    The desert is the punkest of all ecosystems. From the spikey, bristly, leathery plants that grow forth from the harshest, most bitter of soils to the odd assortment of nocturnal wildlife, there isn’t a punker place on Earth. There also isn’t as solemn or desolate a place...    Although I love charged punk plants with all my heart, it was really the latter two things I was seeking as I climbed towards the black night sky, up into the very bowels of the Sacramento Mountains.

Guest Columnist #66 - An Interview w/ Leslie & Lisa from Heartattack

Vique Simba interviewed 2 wonderful women
Leslie and Lisa speak for themselves

Ask the Bartender, Ask the Plants, Ask Karoline #66

I've been back from tour (What Happens Next? in Japan and Citizen Fish in the states) for about two weeks now and finally feel fairly settled again.  It's winterish out here (rainy, 40's, dark by 5pm) in  Oakland...although considering what the rest of the country has been going through weather-wise, i'm not going to complain!  I started drinking coffee again during my travels and am now kicking myself for it...I love the aroma, taste and hyperness but I can definitely feel the toll it has taken on my immune system's preparedness for winter.

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