S&L #72 Summer 2002

Crossroads by Carolyn #72

    The class war is in my backyard in the form of a monolith being erected a couple hundred feet from my backdoor.  I watched day after day as the concrete got poured and the grass laid down, gritted my teeth as the hammers and earthmovers polluted the air with noise and dust.

Radical Motherhood by Candyce #72

The Radical Mother's tips for alleviating boredom and making the most of your summer:

Guest Columnist #72 - Crimethinc.

A Genealogy of Force
courtesy of the CrimethInc. Workers’ Collective

    In the beginning, harmony: tribes of human beings live as one, gathering and eating and playing and sleeping and singing and making love and telling stories together. And, occasionally, discord: an argument breaks out, strong words are exchanged, a blow is struck.

A Network of Friends #72

Whoah! I can’t believe how long it has been since I last wrote a column for Chris but a lot has happened in-between time with me primarily moving from my hometown of Colchester in the east of England to the northern city of Leeds. From going to London for gigs every now and again to at times, gigs happening 2-3 times a week in Leeds. Anyway, this year in June marked the Queen’s Jubilee in the UK.

EcoPunk #72

    This past Summer Solstice, I turned 26. Usually this time is somewhat somber and morose for me (not because of my birthday, but because of the Moon and Stars pulling at my blood), but this one was especially so.

Adrienne #72

I call it torture, you call it life.

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