S&L #74 Winter 2003

Adrienne #74

My last couple of columns were so depressing. Each time I had to sit down and write for Sluggy, I was in a dark place where it felt appropriate and necessary to pour out the excess of my overwhelming sadness. I felt lost, as if I was wandering with no sense of direction and no understanding of any of the events that had brought me to such a place of sorrow. But given enough time, all things will mend, heal, and grow. As my heart heals, I feel as if I've become lighter. A huge burden seems to be slowly lifting from me and I'm experiencing joy, happiness, and fulfillment again.

Lost In The Supermarket with Greg Wells #74

Lost In The Supermarket with Greg Wells
    Joe Strummer died today. It hasn’t stopped raining yet and may never stop again. Long before I ever dared venture into the mystery of my first punk club Joe strummer was there. Many a year before I ever dared publicly to call myself an anarchist Joe Strummer was there. Through all of the dead end jobs and broken loves Joe Strummer was there. Sitting and living alone in the world at age fifteen wondering what if any point my life had, Joe Strummer was there. Today he is no more.

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