S&L #75 Spring 2003

Mad Farmer Sascha #75

A Handful of Seeds in a World Full of War

The Seedkeepers 

Some Thoughts #75

Drive and Conquer - How Punk Rock Saved My Life

Guest Columnist #75 - The Connection by Anka

The Connection
By Anka Skakanka

“Protecting other womyn is self-defense and self-defense is protecting other womyn”

—Laura from Fight Like A Girl

Ask the Bartender, Ask the Plants, Ask Karoline #75

I’ve got spring fever in the worst possible way. We had a late winter here in Wisconsin, with more snow in March than at any other time during that dreaded season. Earlier this week the thermometers were topping out in the high 80’s and now, as I write, it is in the 30’s. Pretty much everyone I know is going through some massive cabin fever, and no one really knows what to do with themselves with this unpredictable climate.

Vegan Action #75

    World War III.  We have taken to the streets and expressed our feeling of protest but what else can we do?  How about not funding the war.  I have to digress from the specific vegan agenda and address the war and the immediate necessity for all of us to not participate in paying for this war.  If you work and pay federal taxes you are funding this and future use of arms and weapons against other people by the u.s.  Please do something today and become a War Tax Resister.  When you fill out that W4 form when you first get hired you are asked t

MerryDeath #75

    Last night I heard a crackling sound coming from out my front window. I stepped onto the front porch and looked outside to see the empty field across from my house was on fire, a small perfect circle of flames.  Several police cars were parked on the street and while neighbors were questioned, I heard a couple of the officers naming all the high school aged boys living on our block as suspects.  I went back inside, for just about fifteen minutes, and came back out when I heard the fire truck.

EcoPunk #75

    Every night around dusk I turn on the shortwave radio to remind myself there’s more to the world than water, sky and desert. The contrast between the world as reported by the BBC ("And in cricket news...") and Radio Homophobia Havana ("And this latest act of imperialist aggression by the capitalist pigs will lead to the downfall of the corrupt nation of fat slobs...") and my daily life is enough to inspire Roald Dahl hallucinations. Take for example yesterday.

Thoughts & Stories of Mike Straight #75

    This fuckin’ war. This goddamn fuckin’ war. In some ways I don’t even want to talk about it — acknowledge that the charade exists. But it does - this war to expand the empire. Doublespeak reins supreme, when liberation means conquest and freedom is the word for new imprisonment. We live in scary times, as anyone with dissenting viewpoints is easily labeled a terrorist. More and more power is being seized by the executive branch Emperor Bush - thanks to the patriot act. Yes, it is scary.

Crossroads by Carolyn #75

    I read once that a free mind has no reason to scream.  I had a brief period of what felt like inner peace; I was in touch with nature, my body, with life.  Some kids asked me to scream on their record and I wasn’t sure I could. The screams just weren’t inside me anymore.  And it felt great, healthy, and clean.  But what the fuck?

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