S&L #75 Spring 2003

Lost In The Supermarket #75

Dead Grandmothers and clusterbombs.
Tuesday 2pm: I just got in and the message box was full of those ominous you need to call us as soon as you get this voices. You know the ones. The kind where the people on the other end are saying stuff like "You've probably been expecting this for awhile" and "It's nothing too surprising but" and never actually getting around to what horrible news awaits. It's my 77 year old grandmother dying a quick death 600 miles away. Time to go.

Radical Motherhood by Candyce #75

    I'm sending this column up as a tribute to Mr. Rogers, who has gone to forever live in that big neighborhood up in the sky. Who didn't grow up knowing the silly songs and goofy grin of Mr. Rogers? I did, and so has my son. Mr. Rogers has often been made out to be a sugar coated clown or a twisted Saturday Night Live skit, but who else in mainstream media has ever been a true friend to children and an ally to parents? It does seem like I am a bit at odds with myself, praising a mainstream television personality... especially in the context of a radical parenting column!

Adrienne #75

     By seven in the morning, I was in the hospital on five hits of morphine. I was floating in and out of consciousness, barely aware of my best friend Wendy holding my hand tightly as I moved through one of the craziest highs I’ve ever experienced. During moments of consciousness, I would try to focus on Wendy and explain to her that I felt as if I wasn’t breathing. I felt as if everything in my body had slowed down so completely that my lungs seemed to be made out of sticky glue, as if each breath was like pulling apart wet cloth.

Dave Trenga #75

    What happens when a nation ignores the U.N.? What happens when a nation refuses to honor international treaties? What happens when a nation stockpiles weapons of mass destruction? That depends on what nation it is. If it’s the United States of America then the nation starts an illegal, immoral and unjust war against a sovereign nation that just happens to have the second largest oil supply in the world. The Bush regime is guilty of everything that they accuse Saddam Hussein’s regime of.

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