S&L #77 Autumn 2003

Lost In The Supermarket #77

    One of the largest pitfalls facing the international anarchist community is our tendency to get so emersed in that which we aim to dismantle that we often overlook the beauty and power associated with the world that we are shaping in the here and now. I myself have been extremely guilty in the negative energy department over the past few years.

Crossroads by Carolyn #77

    At a show about a year ago, I was sitting outside talking with a group of people.  The conversation turned towards activism and a protest that had happened earlier in the week.  One girl asked me if I went to the protest (against Columbus Day, I think) and I told her the truth- that I couldn’t make it because I had a chemistry test.  She scoffed and proceeded to tell me that I had no right to even participate in a discussion about activism, that because I don’t make it to all the protests I contribute nothing to ‘the struggle.’

A Network of Friends #77

Making the life that you want it to be.

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