S&L #79 Spring 2004

Dave Trenga #79

    So all of you people who use the bible to conveniently use the bible and religious teachings to conceal the fact that you’re nothing more than an ignorant bigot may soon have even more justification for your misguided point of view. Thanks to the Bush administration’s proposed amendment to the constitution that would define marriage as a sacred institution between a man and a woman. This proposal was suggested in a desperate attempt to shift the national focus from George W’s deserting the Texas Air National Guard that had been saturating the media.

Guest Columnist #79 - Cascadia

By xtreasonx

    People fall in love every day.  It’s a common enough occurrence that most people reading this have felt it at some point, and most of us, too, have had our hearts broken.  Last year, I spent a few months playing in a band.  I loved the band but I was in love with a person.  The band ended, the person stayed, and we went on to fall in love again, this time with a place.

Crossroads by Carolyn #79

    “Crossroads” is more and more becoming the perfect title for this column and an increasingly accurate reflection of my life.  Except crossroads can be a little misleading. It is rare in life to have such obvious choices and often you didn’t realize you were at a crossroads until you are already on your path.  And sometimes it is better not to choose, but to close your eyes and jump and let gravity sort it out.

Radical Motherhood by Candyce #78

    My son is turning eleven this month. I am just in awe of how the time has passed and how much he has grown and changed. I have loved every age and stage of his life thus far, and it only seems to be getting better.  Babies are great, but there is something really special about being able to  have real conversations with your kid. I love the freedom of having an  older child. Not just because I have more time to myself as he is out having adventures on his own, but now that he is older we can do more things together.

A Network of Friends #79

    When I first began reading SLUG AND LETTUCE, one of the things that attracted me to the zine was Christine's 'Environmental Action' column. Here, she gave info out about environmental problems and actions that you could take in your own daily life.

Frozen Inside by Cindy #79

    We are supposed to be either good or bad, virgin or whore, innocence or slut.

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