S&L #81 Autumn 2004

Crossroads by Carolyn #81

    I am in love with leaves and the final explosion of color before the starkness of winter.  Some people consider spring to be the time fullest of life and action.  I can definitely see their point—sprouting buds and the emergence of everything green.  But for me, the fall is all about life.  It embodies movement and change.  It is in the edge, the margin of the season before everything is locked away in ice, that I feel the real pulse of life and earth.  Around my home, the leaves are changing, the bears are searching for food anywhere t

Guest Columnist #81 - Arto

    Originally this writing was an e-mail which I wrote to Christine and she wanted it to be a column so I polished it up; deleted the parts that were either directed to Chris, or that didn't go w/ the "column" idea, and added some new parts.

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