S&L #84 Summer 2005

Some Thoughts #84

    It’s already August, and hot as ever.  It seems like just yesterday I was sweating in Texas at the Chaos in Tejas fest, and now it’s just about time to head back to Philly for the “Pointless Fest”, which this year is aptly being called “Hot August Nights”.  Indeed it’s been hot—as hot as I can ever remember.  I’m staring longingly at my sweatshirt thinking of how hard it is to imagine the need to wear anything more than a tanktop.  In Texas the punks gathered for the chaos fest, and it really marked

Mad Farmer Sascha #84

(written by Sascha Scatter and Ashley McNamara with help from the Icarus Project crew. This is the introduction to our new manual for build community based mental health support networks. For more info check out our website at http://theicarusproject.net or write me personally at: scatter@theicarusproject.net)

Guest Columnist #84 - Philly's Pissed

    During the 2004 Pointless Fest, at events connected to Pointless Fest, 3 people were sexually assaulted. People spontaneously came together to emotionally support the survivors, carry out survivor demands, and hold perpetrators accountable. Out of this organizing, two local groups formed to work on sexual assault within our “radical” communities. Philly’s Pissed is a group formed to support survivors of sexual assault; Philly Stands Up works with perpetrators.

Thoughts & Stories of Mike Straight #84

    It was late night, at one point of the gathering, when someone looked over to me and asked “so Mike, is Queeruption going to be in your next Slug and Lettuce column”...well... I guess it is.

EcoPunk #84

    It’s good to thrust yourself through the links in the food chain every now and again.

MerryDeath #84

    I just spent about a week in Pittsburgh, visiting people and playing music.  Before I left I was feeling a little discouraged, for various reasons, but partly because of the lack of collective adventures in my life in Providence.  At home, we share food and house chores collectively, with mixed feelings about its success from housemates.  But as far as we are aware, among our peers we are one of very few houses that shares food collectively and has a house meeting when our unity starts to break apart.  Recently we had a conversation about what it means

Vegan Action #84

    What if we all became vegan tomorrow?  What would happen to all of the animals in the world destined for dinner plates?  I’m not sure if you have ever thought about this but a lot of folks ask this question at Vegan Action tabling events or through emails.  While we know this would never happen and it is just a hypothetical question, I think it’s worthy of some thought and discussion.  Granted a lot of folks just want to find every possible reason to not become vegetarian or vegan.

Frozen Inside by Cindy #84

Ideas for learning together some self defense.

The Future Generation #84

Rad 17
    Sometime last year my daughter became more radical. I wanted to document it but I didn’t and now it kind of just crept up to this moment, where I can say my 17-year-old is really rad.

Crossroads by Carolyn #84

    I opened my notebook to a blank sheet and wrote “Things I want in life” on top.  I allowed myself to begin with material things to get me started, but material things immediately disappeared off the list. That’s not to say money isn’t necessary for having some of the things on my list, but having stuff really isn’t that important to me.

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