Dave Trenga #76

    “Bring it on,” says our fearless leader, George W. Bush. “Bring it on,” he tells the Iraqi resistance that’s been targeting American soldiers. Aren’t we lucky to have such a brave and heroic leader? Never mind that he’s on the other side of the world, safe from harms way. Never mind that he doesn’t have to live with the ramifications of his macho boasting. Never mind that this fearless warrior not only hid in the Texas air National Guard to avoid being sent to Vietnam himself but then went A.W.O.L. for two years. Never mind that his children aren’t coming home in body bags like the seventy-some Americans that’ve been killed (almost half the total number of Americans killed since we invaded Iraq) since our fearless leader declared, “mission accomplished”. Since he shamelessly climbed out of the fighter jet in full combat gear to give his glorious speech on the aircraft carrier. Anyone remember that high price photo-op at taxpayer expense? Remember how they claimed that flying bush out on the jet was the only way to get him aboard the carrier that was on it’s way home, being that it was so far out at sea. Then remember how we later learned that it was right off the coast and how all the cameras were pointed out to sea so the whole scenario justified our heroic George W. in full battle gear instead of clueing us in on the truth that it was all done for footage his re-election campaign? The whole incident shares the same honesty as the Jessica Lynch story. The story of the nineteen year old private who was captured, heroically fighting for her life, even after being shot five times and stabbed. Then rescued from her Iraqi captors with the help of an Iraqi informant. Then we found out that Private Lynch was never shot, never stabbed. In fact the only injuries that she sustained was when her vehicle overturned. And the rescue was nothing than her being picked up from the hospital where the Iraqi doctors were treating her. The so-called informant was nothing more than the hospital staff asking American troops to come and pick her up because when they put her in an ambulance and tried to deliver her to an American post, the troops opened fire on the approaching ambulance. So were the troops grateful for the Iraqi civilian medical staff for returning Private Lynch? No, instead they handcuffed and tormented the unarmed hospital staff along with the Iraqi patients upon arriving at the hospital. What about the toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein and the joyous, grateful, liberated Iraqi people? Like Donald Rumsfeld put it, when witnessing the historic event, one couldn’t help but think of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Hardly comparable events, the fall of the Berlin wall was celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people. Only about two hundred people witnessed the staged toppling of the statue. Those people included American marines, journalists and the few Iraqi exiles that the CIA flew in to secure the images of celebrating Iraqi people welcoming their American liberators. An image that would be used to counter all the opposition to Americans being there in the first place. This whole event was staged to sell the Bush regime’s illegal war to the American people. Why aren’t the American people calling for the blood of George W., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Wolfowitz and the rest of the regime who are criminally responsible for killing tens of thousands of Iraqi troops and civilians? The international court has charged General Tommy Franks as a war criminal. Along with Dick Cheney and Colin Powell for the role that the two of them played in the first Gulf War. No wonder the Bush regime has refused to participate in the international court. These people are literally getting away with murder. Because as Americans we’ve become the most ignorant and apathetic people on the face of the earth. More and more it’s been coming out that bush and his cronies lied to the American people and the rest of the world about the threat that Saddam Hussein posed. They lied about having absolute proof that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and ties to al quida. And what’s happening now that the truth has been coming out? Nothing. In the U.K. Tony Blair is in political peril for misleading the nation and taking his people to war. People there are holding him accountable for his part in the massive loss of life but here people are still strongly supporting the Bush regime. Even with Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld making damaging statements about how, Iraq probably did destroy any illegal weapons before the war. Or how the weapons of mass destruction were just a convenient excuse to invade Iraq. Or, unbelievably, how the difference between Iraq and North Korea is that Iraq sits on an endless sea of oil. How the hell are these criminals getting away with this? While the mainstream has been nothing but war propaganda, it’s been finally getting to the point where they can’t ignore the reports coming in. the CIA and the intelligence industry has been firing back at the Bush regime, unwilling to take the blame for the falsified evidence, making statements and leaking reports to the press that the so-called evidence was not credible and that the report claiming that Iraq had tried to purchase materials for the building of a dirty bomb had been proven to be wrong almost a year before bush made this claim in his state of the union address. When Clinton was in office, his sex scandal with Monica got endless media coverage. But now that George W. and the rest of his accomplices have lied to the entire world and slaughtered tens of thousands of people we hardly hear anything about it. The massive murder in the name of oil interests is apparently not newsworthy. Well the rest of the world knows more about what’s happening in our own country than we do. Many people around the world have been giving Americans the benefit of the doubt, separating the actions of the Bush regime from the rest of the American people. The rest of the world knows that Bush was installed, not elected but if he manages to get himself “re-elected” because of the continuous exploitation of 9-11 and feeding off of the fears and paranoia of the American people then we’re going to prove to the rest of the world that we’re just as criminally responsible as Bush and the rest of his accomplices. Are we so afraid of the rest of the world that we’re willing to bow down to the most oppressive and corrupt group of people to ever be in power in this country? What the hell is it going to take before we decide to make those responsible, accountable for their actions? Maybe we’re afraid because it’s our inaction that shares in the responsibility for the slaughter.
—Dave Trenga