Dave Trenga #85

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the news these days. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I bother because I get myself so worked up on a daily basis. The more I follow the news the more stressed out I get. One of my main sources of stressful reading is the Christian onslaught into every facet of life in our society. I have never seen such a hateful and intolerant movement infiltrate every aspect of our lives as the current Christian movement in America has. And I think what angers me the most about this is that despite all of their bigotry and self-righteousness they still enjoy the characterization of being a credible movement, a compassionate movement, and a moral movement. Most people as well as the media never seem to call their actions into question. Are people really too self-consumed to challenge the current oppressive agenda of these Christian extremists or has the values of these extremists actually become accepted as the norm? The second option being the scarier one in my book. I am totally appalled by the efforts of these bigoted Christian extremists to impose their bigoted views on all of us. It’s bad enough that they are determined to force these bigoted views on all of us but the fact that they do it with such arrogance and self-righteousness that they actually claim to be the moral voice of society is truly despicable. I’m amazed that the very same people that discount evolution, scientific and medical facts for ignorant superstition consider themselves to be the intelligent, enlightened elite of our society. They’ve convinced themselves that they are the morally superior members of society and that the rest of us make up the immoral pitfall. The mainstream Christian movement in this country has become the most judgmental and self-righteousness movement I have ever seen. I have no tolerance left for these Christian extremists. I don’t think I’m alone with these feelings either. A lot of people I’ve been talking to share my feelings of depleted tolerance for these Christian extremists. It’s bound to happen when a group has positioned itself as a restrictor of personal freedoms, a bully that tramples on the human rights of the people that need protecting the most; the minorities and the down and out- and this is exactly what the Christian movement has become. And there’s no shortage of right-wing politicians trying to capitalize on this twisted religious frenzy. Republican Senator from Indiana, Patricia Miller, was recently trying to push legislation through the Indiana legislature that was written to prohibit gays, lesbians and single people from using medical science to assist them in having a child. Passage of the bill would prohibit doctors from assisting in a pregnancy by means of intrauterine insemination, donation of an egg, donation of an embryo, in vitro fertilization and transfer of an embryo or sperm injection unless a woman was able to satisfy a number of determining factors. Under the bill women seeking treatment would have to provide a certificate of satisfactory completion of a required assessment. What are the required determining factors this bill would insist women provide? First, that the woman be married to a person of the opposite sex. The assessment also contains a description of the family lifestyle that automatically excludes lesbians. And most disturbing is the requirement that women would also have to provide proof that they have participated in faith-based or church activities. As an added precaution against “activist” judges, the bill would restrict the courts from being able to establish parentage of a child born through assisted reproduction without the assessment certificate and a separate certificate from the physician involved. The fact that this bill was written and being pushed to become a law is absolutely mind-boggling. This is a new low in the Christian effort to legislate women’s bodies and to make homosexuals second-class citizens. This is a really blood-chilling intrusion by government into a person’s private life. Cold, dehumanizing legislation like this also has the frightening similarities to Nazi laws requiring the sterilization of Jewish women. How is it that in a society that even has the illusion of personal freedom that this lightly veiled attempt of religious persecution has not erupted into a national outcry? Not only does this legislation attempt to deny lesbians or single women from having a child, ultimately having control of their own bodies, but it even goes as far as to restrict all women that don’t go to church as well. Since when is it a requirement in this country to be involved with the church in order to be a mother? This is a really sickening and perverse abuse of political power that legislation like this ever saw the light of day. It’s this kind of influential abuse that has totally diminished my tolerance for Christianity in general. I don’t think any group can be generalized or condemned entirely but I also believe that it’s up to the members of a group to dissent when the groups leaders have become so abusive and corrupt. But I don’t see any dissention from within the Christian movement. I don’t see Christians speaking out against these types of bigoted policies. What I do see is Christians willfully going along with the abusive, bigoted policies of their leaders. To me this makes them just as responsible for the oppression that they have wrought on our society. Are Christians so blinded now with the political power they have gained with the most supportive administration they’ve ever had in office that they have forgotten their own supposed values? Or did they never exist to begin with? I am at the end of any sort of tolerance for the Christian movement because it has become the most oppressive movement in our country; it embraces ignorance and obedience and when you combine that with such an extreme sense of self-righteousness you have the biggest threat to our personal freedoms and out self preservation that we face today. My only hope is that with their overly oppressive tactics they’re creating more resentment and more opposition to their oppressive agenda. It is a lesson learned many times over in history that the more oppressive a group becomes the more dissention grows. The Christian movement in this country has set the tone for such resentment and in doing so is setting themselves up for a huge backlash. I only hope see I see this movement fall in my lifetime.