Guest Columnist #63 - Fernando

    Last September, Esnaider & Jane from N.Y. came to visit us in Mexico.  They were on vacation and they invited us to travel with them to some cities.  It’s too expensive to travel in Mexico, and since they offered to pay our bus tickets Venus, Sunev & me decided to go with them.  They decided to visit Guanajuato, Oaxaca and Mexico City, it was a great chance 'cause we never visited these cities, just Mexico city, so I could met in Oaxaca the guys who organized the gig to Former members of Alfonsin. We were excited, we expected to learn more about our culture and visit for example, pyramids and we made it, but also we find lots of inconformity of the indigenous people against the governments never ending struggle and a big repression, definitively our lives changed with this trip.
    For example, our friends who organized the gig to F.M.O.A. were sad 'cause police and government canceled the gig and more than 90 Punx were arrested with false charges like disturbing the streets, etc ... The organizers of the gig play in a band called Todos los Fascistas Muertos.  Walking in the Zocalo at Oaxaca's downtown you can see women selling home made bags and you think they're just selling, but they are in protest since 3 years ago outside of government's palace building, living there, in the street with their children waiting to talk with the government, because their husbands were arrested with false charges, they say that these people are with E.P.R. (Ejercito Popular Revolucionario) the other Mexican guerrilla but this is not true.  They're just indigenous farmers of Loxicha community, they have their own form of government, they're an autonomous indigenous community and this is what the government doesn't like.  So they start a big repression against them, killing people, arresting more than a hundred men and sending army to their communities, people get beaten and live in continual fear, and this is every day. We talk with these people, Esnaider help them to sell their bags to gringos and some other tourist who only speak English, we made a benefit for them here in Monterrey, but more than benefits they want to people know more about this problem and send letters and donations to support. We've been 4 days in Oaxaca, we take a bus to Mexico city in the night and we found a lot of police to cars and buses get register.  The first was not too far of Oaxaca, so they stop our bus and two of them get inside strongly armed, like if we were in war, they ask for ID's, it was like 1 or 2 a.m. we were sleeping.  Esnaider took his ID from his backpack and took out his Colombian ID.  He already has U.S. citizen papers, but they saw the Colombian ID and ask him to follow them outside of the bus.  At this moment Jane ask them louder why? and start to tell them quickly that he's a U.S.citizen and they're just tourists, but the official gets angry and tell her in English "stay right there, because she was talking them in Spanish. She didn’t pay attention to his order and followed them, but seconds after they brought her back inside the bus and they ask me to go outside.
    It was cold, in the middle of nowhere and deeply dark, just the light of a couple of flashlights, I saw Venus at the window watching us afraid, Sunev was sleeping, I was sleepy, nervous and getting afraid.  One of them took me a little far from Esnaider and start to interrogate me quickly, question after question, questions like: what you do to live?, how do you know each other if his from Colombia and lives in N.Y.?, What you did in Oaxaca?, where do you live?, where stay in Oaxaca?, etc ... After 40 minutes of this psychological torture, one of them says O.K. let them register their bags and we go inside the bus.  Only one of them came with us.  I started to get more nervous 'cause in my bad I've got a bunch of anarchist patches and tapes of Youth Against Fascism... in my mind I think the worst, so I took my bag, put everything out, patches were in a black bag, so I told him is just dirty cloth and he doesn't put attention, but the tapes were there and he saw them, took one and said oh! subversive music? I feel like death, cold as ice, so I respond I don't know what you talking about, is just folk music to dance, I don't know the kind of music you're talking about. He went outside the bus and let the bus go.
    What's happening in Mexico? I can't travel peacefully anymore.  Where is the fun and happiness that media show us on t.v.?  This is totally fucked up, repression is now everywhere and it is the beginning of a military government. Unfortunately, people in the big cities don't know about it, or just don't care. We have to much to do and fight against this injustice.
 —Fernando Lozano • Apdo Postal 1946 • CP 64000 • Monterrey NL Mexico
Send letters, donations, etc to support:
Loxichas/ Juan Valencia Rojas/ Porfirio Diza #100/ 2 Altos, Col. Centro CP 68000/ Oaxaca Oax, Mexico
Escuela Primaria De La Realidad Jesus • Ibarra De Piedra • Maxatlan #5 • Entrada T int. 1 • Col Condesa • CP 06140 Mexico, DF
Todos Los Fascistas Muertos • Arturo Solano P • Paricutin #308 • Col Volcanes • CP 68020 • Oaxaca Oax, Mexico