Guest Columnist #81 - Social Conspiracy

What if the means to do so stared you right in the face would you use it?
      Well than let's start smashing because the keys to unlock the chains of capitalistic slavery are in fect right in our very hands and we only need the audacity to actually use them. Those keys being our labor and the wealth that it produces for which we are compensated (wages), our faith and believe in a DIY system and the unity that is evoked within our individual punk/hc scenes. Now to utilize those keys in a manner which is more productive and destructive tool of capitalism. How by re-investing back into the scene to put in place an infrastructure that will lead to direct economic emancipation from the capitalist structure. To elaborate here's the blueprint. And it's one that is so easy I sometimes wonder how it could have been so overlooked.
      To begin with we work simply out of need; the need to pay for the bare necessities of life food, shelter and clothes. We work harder to pay for things we just got to have like that new Brittany Spears CD (just kidding to see if you're still there)  Unless you're born with these things plentiful and abound than you work. We work for other people when we do not have the means to work for ourselves. So by the time you graduate High School off to punch a clock unless you've inherited a wad of green stash or you've acquired some skill from your 12 years of advanced babysitting to allow you to make it on your own. But that's an entirely different subject that I will raise at a later date. Hence under our present capitalistic wage slavery structure you have been the 1-9 lucky bastard whom will be given the opportunity to work until he's 65, 67 or 70.  I have never really found this thought to be all that appealing so, on with our little revolution shall we.
     First step is to organize everyone in your area whom is very interested in building an economic infrastructure based upon the tactics of Syndicalism. Why Syndicalism? Simply because it is the most vital revolutionary factor that is a utter dread to the masters of capitalism as it foregoes completely the political arena and rest it success upon the mutual aid of the workers themselves. And it is the only course to true economic emancipation of the working class by which other all actions of social change or revolution can commence. And Syndicalism is the only revolutionary means by which the complete education of the worker is taken is serious enough by which the worker can operate and understand fully the operation of production. This can be done by passing out literature/flyers at shows, record shops, internet postings or approaching people you see or already know.
    After you get a core group and you can pretty much agree on not only a project but certain guidelines on how to run it. As you do research on how to run and maintain an actual project you can more precisely crystallize the moral principals by which as a group wish to continue a free association. Write these into a mission statement of the project so that it's a reminder not only to the current core but others whom would join at a later date. Allow for compromise or flexibility on matters that are pretty split between the core and set a intermediate date where such things can be discussed again separate from routinely scheduled meetings.
    The project you pick will no doubt depend upon the funds you can raise. Keep in mind the core objective of your project is one that not only through its success be able to sustain the livelihood of your core group but to serve as a visible educational model for future Syndicalist projects and to be able to assist to funding of other Syndicalist projects. An ideal project would no doubt be an all ages DIY venue for your area for several reasons. The start-up cost are easily controlled, a small group can easily manage and run it, people can easily see what Syndicalism is and how it works, and gaining interest for your primary objectives are as well met. A venue can also double for meeting halls and points of mutual aid. Plus, it serves as a point for future fund raisings.
    Which brings us to this, if we truly unite the collective scenes of the underground towards what should be the foremost revolution goal to which all others are subordinate the economic emancipation of the working classes than the masters of capitalism haven't a chance. If every scene is mutually assisting each other with such simple things as co-opt buying of needing material or the distribution of goods an infrastructure can be so rapidly put into to place the sheer volume within the collective punk/hardcore/grind/crust/skin/rude/goth/ yes even techno and rap would make such a sudden impact with mainstream society. To change how one earns their living Syndicalism vs. Capitalism will further have an effect on how a person views the world they live in and instills a desire to change it in a more suiting environment for the benefit and welfare of all.
     Having been a part of the punk/skin scene for quite a number of years I always felt that for all the songs of unity, anarchy, revolution and clichés of "for the working class", "support the scene" "unite and fight" and "smash capitalism" something was being overlooked. And than one night I awoke with an epiphany after putting on many a DIY show, booking many a DIY tour, distroing many records DIY, putting out a couple zines DIY, making DIY t-shirts, involvement with groups such a Food Not Bombs it dawned on me the Punk Movement along with every other scene movement has never had a solid infrastructure. It's not something which was intentionally overlooked I feel however it is an idea that has never been fully explored. Our method of DIY has not been takened to the next level of DIT (Doing It Together).
     If we can all agree that the fruits of labor should be divided with fair division among those producing the wealth than it must also, be agreed upon the wealth created must be held for the benefit of all within the community for whom the wealth is collected from. In other words a percentage of every show, record, CD, t-shirt or other piece of merchandise must in turn be re-invested back into the scene which supported it in order for punk to an actual revolutionary statement. In turn creating more opportunities under a Syndicalist operation to increase and strengthen a true and actual economic infrastructure within the underground scene to bring about the economic emancipation of the working class again for which all other agendas must be subordinate in the struggle of Social Revolution.
     This Syndicalism of the punk scene is the only real way one can say to the Capitalist "Fuck off" and actually mean it. When there is an alternative means of daily survival for the entire punk community than there is hope of real revolution. And to be briefly critical it has been this oversight of building and maintaining an economic infrastructure within the punk scene which has made it yet, another packaged, re-packaged and commodified found at a shopping mall. And surely, it can be more than just another name brand tag tattooed on your arm. But as I said we have the keys in our own hands to change all of this. And the adjustments needed to be made are only of slight thought. For a band, promoter, venue, record store, or fashion boutique is not a sell-out for making a few dollars they, become a sell-out when they sell the idea of revolution through Anarchy but yet do not give back to the communities from where they made their wealth.
     Now there's no time to quibble about this. As I stated earlier it has merely been an oversight of what is still a very young punk community which is only roughly 30 years old and has had plenty of interference from the Capitalist mindset. And as I stated, it only takes a slight change in our thought process to make rapid adjustments to put ourselves on a true revolutionary path and beat back the strangling hands of Capitalist society and the voices being raised in the streets will than ring out so loudly that the force shall bring the walls capitalism crashing down. It is in our daily common struggle for bread that we can unite and win as it is only in this arena of labor that human suffrage that the worker holds the trump card. Our Labor is Our Wealth. Our Wealth is Our World. Reclaim what is Ours.
— Lionel aka Floyd Blast/ Social Conspiracy Records/ PO Box 57314/ Atlanta, GA 30343 <>