Mad Farmer Sascha #66 - The Trick

I’m trying to sing you a song but I don’t know the words -- I’m fumbling and humming my way through it and hoping you’ll understand

the trick
    Strikes me sometimes like rebuilding and growing as a person is all about sewing the meaning back into everything you care about after it’s been sucked out and spit on the ground, delving deep and finding your empowerment everywhere you look: from the painful and scary to the ludicrous and beautiful; being proud of everything that’s shaped us and become a part of us -- reveling in it no regrets or stepbacks. Part of this mad journey is figuring out how every event has been a step or building block to the next: the tattoos on your arms are dark blue stories,  and your dreams hold the keys to the hidden answers of the universe.
    Remember you have to dance everyday just a little and remember to revel in your craziness and not just suppress it to fit into some way you think you should be acting because you reached this age and it’s time to forget everything you’ve learned in your heart so you can be some model of responsibility.
    Let me tell you: destiny’s always lifting us up and putting us in different shoes -- you’ll always be the young idealist blossoming with inspiration and the hardened cynic full of grim realism meeting face to face in the mirror or your hometown street corner neon flickering late night. The trick is to be fluid like a river -- break down and return again in new form with the same elements - renewed from defeat -- the trick is to remember that we grow into new shapes as we mature  - like plants going to seed - shooting up and branching out -- drying up and exploding, regrowing thicker and more used to it as the years go by --sprouting wings and letting loose and never ever the same and never ever satisfied to stay put. You and me we’ll always end up back at the same places again and again with new knowledge and perspective, like a spiral heading up towards the sky, new levels and connections...
     It’s seems sometimes like the trick is to pull off dancing between the different worlds and building the bridges tight and strong -- connecting the links and finding all our common ground: the edges and between spaces and things we all have to share; passing along the knowledge and stories like a scribe and a messenger and shape shifter time traveler white black blue green orange red yellow on the subway underground heading uptown and the elevated tracks and corner eye smiles scowls frowns snickers trickers looking up at the light fixtures and here we all are in this city of eight million faces continually dissolving and reforming itself -- breaking down and building back up like taproots and topsoil but it’s all just us and like I said: it’s about learning the lessons as they unfold like crumbling treasure maps or  waves that knock us over -- carrying pockets of seed and scribbled words, head and mouth full o ideas and connections -- becoming the living breathing bridge between universes, conduit for the energy to flow all over us, ever last one.
    Sometimes I think it’s about growing and changing like the seasons --- fate over and over again exploding and cascading down like the energy between atoms let loose, the push and pulls of memory and future vision, yin and yang, suddenly flooded with meaning or a new  journal waiting to have memory burned and etched into its crispy pages -- white like doves or potential.
—Sascha Dubrul