MerryDeath #77

I once asked a friend what they would write about if they could get a message to   I think about this question every time I write this columll talk about elections. 
ve considered myself an anarchist for about ten years now, after I finally read enough pointy headed anarchist literature to understand the deeper complexities of anarchism as a social movement, more than just a lifestyle.  Before that I was afraid of being called a poseur if someone asket  and being really excited that it was readable, unlike like the Situationist writings I had first come across that made my head hurt. 
Now, when I explain anarchism, I talk about collectives.  I believe in collectives that function well, with structures that people can easily understand.  Some people are terrified of being explicit in what they do and how they do it, confusing organization with hierarchy.  However, for people to work well together everyone must have a common understanding of what they are dt mean that there are positions like a vice president, president, etc.  But if you are running a printing studio, everyone should know where tools are kept, how to use the equipment, and how to teach someone else to use it. This may sound basic, but I have witnessed multiple organizations where the groups crashed and burned because of a failure for people to understand how to get involved, or how their skills could be useful. Well organized spaces- like Wooden Shoe Books in Philadelphia, are inviting for volunteers to become involved.  It is relatively simple to check the shelves for the book sections to find what you are looking for.  The bookstore has been around at least a decade, and at least from my outside perspective, is doing pretty well.
So, how does this relate to elections.  Well, I have always hated the idea of choosing the lesser of two evils, thinking it was too much compromise, and a bogus attempt at making us think we are in a democracy.  I still believe that voting goes against my ideals of how  voices should be counted.  Voting still feels liket believe in andt seem to affect change.  Especially after the 2000 election, where people offenders andoffenders, were systematically denied the opportunity to vote.  I still have zero faith in the American two party system.  I still believe that Bush can and will do everything in his power to buy and steal the presidency again in 2004. When the Supreme Court made him king I thought that the people would become more radical in reaction to him.  Instead, it seems to have had the opposite affect of making everyone more conservative.  There is an utter lack of even left of center Democrats voicing their minds on the news conglomerations owned by Clear Channel.  And they now even own NPR, the old lap dog for moderate America.  The recall vote in t rioting.  But after the last three years of Bush, and seeing how much his cabinet has utilized devious tactics to pass the most extraordinary fucked up measures while we stay glued to moving pictures of war, I am going to go vote against the bastard in the next election.
So unless all us anarchists start rattling the old bones in a serious way- which I think ws important for us to at least take a deep breath and vote against the ass in the next election. If everyone who reads this votes, maybe we can have a chance at dethroning the fuckers.  Unless, of course, massive social  beats us to it.
-merrydeath stern