A Network of Friends #63

    It seems strange now that I have been writing, albeit somewhat randomly at times, for Christine's zine for 2-3 years. In that time however, I have never had a letter from the columns I have submitted to ask, question, agree, disagree about the words that I have written or the suggestions put forth to the ideas expressed. I cannot, and do not, expect communication from the words and ideas that I write as my ideas are not by any means words to live by. They are just mere thoughts and observations of how I see human animal life; the environment; and our ethics and philosophy on how we live and how we affect the environment that sustains us ALL.
    Sometimes there seems too much information out there to digest. Apart from zines, magazines, newspapers, records, books, we have the internet, emails, the hand written letter and of course the human voice to connect and communicate with each other. Yet we seem to have less time to communicate with each other! Life is so short. I really hate wasting time now being ineffective. The more I read, the more I correspond, the more I think and consider, the more action I become involved with, so other things that used in me seem significant and meaningless.  Watching TV now is painful! I can tolerate a half hour comedy show or a film perhaps but I feel now as though there is so much more in life to be experienced and enjoyed and a lot of that experience and enjoyment comes through communication with other people. Be it in talking, writing, drawing, planning, organizing, traveling.
    A friend of mine wrote to me about how he sees how he lives his life as being a direct form of action through the positive way he thinks and acts. This is something that has become more and more important to me in how I also think and try and live my life. How you take control over your life can be a radical step to take. Riding a bike instead of driving, eating healthy and humanely, being creative, doing my zine, visiting friends, organizing stuff, reading, using less resources, boycotting products and companies, learning how to play music, treating people who might normally be ignored with respect. They are all small things that we can do everyday and which, yeah, bring me pleasure and sometimes frustrations but also, I believe, put some positive action into the world. There's too much self-righteousness and people wanting to alienate themselves to make themselves appear special and 'worthy'. It is through such self-righteousness too many people are turned off before they even really tune in!
    In 1992, 1 visited Positive Force D.C. in Arlington, VA. My whole time there was an amazing one. One that totally transformed my life through the people that I met to the friendship they gave, sharing food, floor space, time, being involved in gigs and demonstrations and political actions, organizing gigs, sheer creativeness whether using the photo film of the camera or some crayons and a cardboard box. The whole community network within that locality made me feel totally welcome. I enjoyed the company and was encouraged to participate and take part in everything that was going on. It was a new way of life, of communicating that I had never experienced before and those feelings have never left me since. Yes, I have moved on and developed from there (I hope!) but the essential ideas and positive structure remains.
    And this I guess is the point of this whole column. To build a positive structure around your life as much as you possibly can. To allow yourself to be open to different people, to new experiences, to new thoughts, new ideas. These ideas may not be necessarily 'new' but they may be new to you and therefore challenge your thoughts and concepts on life. But from every experience, I think you can learn from. Cultivate your own thoughts and ideas and move things on. Create!! From tiny acorns oak trees grow! Or something like that!! Positive action. Changing your life. Changing our world. Being aware of our world, how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, how we treat animals, the environment that we are all a part of and that we all share. Change does begin in yourself and communication can enable that change. Take control of your life and open up to what you want. If you want to care for animals, other humans, think about how you can do that, how you can affect that change and what you can do about it. You can do more than you think but don't start tomorrow, DO IT NOW!!!!!! Start today!!   
    Write to Steve, Attitude Problem zine, P.O. Box 2576, Colchester, Essex, C03 4AY, LJK. England. Thanks.